Social norms double the burden for women. As a woman, you have to be productive and reproductive. Failure in one area means failure in all sectors. At the workplace, there is discrimination for women who return to work after maternity leave. It is as if the woman’s skills got erased when she delivered the baby.  Who says, a mother cannot work and be as competent? The situation is worse for pregnant mothers who lose their jobs months to giving birth and are dragged into court battles that take up to six months. The stress of being expectant while running around with lawyers is enormous.  The whole scenario can risk the health of the mother and the baby.

Courtesy does not mean consent. We are reliable and robust; we need to stand up and speak against unfair treatment and sexual violence and office harassment. When in doubt I urge you to speak out. Before venturing into a serious relationship, personal or business, ask critical questions upfront. You are a human and should not be afraid to speak out; you have rights like any other employee or sibling. They will not understand your struggles or desires unless you speak out.

Reach out to us, and we will help you in solving or maneuvering any situation you might find yourself in. The mission for the website is to bring women’s misery and racial disparities to an end. The dream is only possible only when you help me help you.