My name is Scarlet Mason, I am a writer at writing services reviews website and currently working with a nonprofit organization in efforts to educate girls and empower women.

I grew up with a dream of being a teacher.  During the days, I was privileged to be taught by female teachers, and I admired their wisdom and intelligence.  The passion for their job, how they all supported the students to be better to do well next time. Thanks to their support, I focused on my education and excelled in school; unfortunately, my dream changed as I was presented with more opportunities.

Education and growth opportunities are inexistent in several countries around the globe. Not all girls get to enjoy their childhood in school. A considerable number of primary school girls are now out of school. Approximately, 12 million girls drop out and get married before age 16 depriving them the right to education, health and life choices. Most girls have dropped out to raise the children and are unable to go back to school. It breaks my heart to learn the governments of some of the countries are giving away vast sums of IMF tax incentives at the expense of education. Don’t they know investing in a girl’s education is similar to investing in property, it will yield significant returns after some time?

The biggest problem is the stereotype and bias against gender. Women ought to be provided with the same opportunities as men. Why would I be paid less compared to my male colleague yet we do the same job. Everywhere the women are disadvantaged compared to the men. Women have the most insecure and vulnerable jobs and are less likely to secure a loan to start a business.

It is frustrating and needs to stop.

The blog is a candid conversation on issues affecting women. The contributors of my blog are from diverse cultures enlightening us of the various cultures and how it affects the women. Part-time working, part-time mothering and others who are working as full-time mothers. The platform is also a channel that empowers women to speak out and resist.  The discussion is real stories as told by real women who have endured extraordinary hardships.

The stories are, however, not all sad. We are opening up and sharing heartwarming and rib-cracking stories too. We are not missionaries, but we provide aid to struggling families and support vulnerable young girls. We are adventurous as much as we have families and careers. The sole mission for the blog is to create awareness, and helping women uplift one another.

I welcome you to read the articles, share and leave a comment.